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SVB - Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP) Spring 2017 Registration
April 06, 2017to August 06, 2017
Who it’s for:
This is a multi-level program for students who want to take responsibility for their own growth and development as thriving individuals. You don’t have to be a superstar or a saint, you just have to be willing to show up and take an interest in yourself.
How it works:
At every level, the VIP Program requirements are organized into three categories – GIVE, GROW, and GAIN – which represent the three pillars of the program: Volunteer Service, Career Development, and Self-Awareness. Start with Bronze and see how many levels you can climb!

Volunteer List of Internationalization Office
April 30, 2017to April 30, 2017
We are currently updating the volunteer list for the Internationalization Office.

DELF (June 2017 DELF Examination Session)
June 05, 2017to June 08, 2017
The Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures of Memorial University will be offering a DELF Tout Public examination session during the week of June 5th 2017. This examination session is open to the general public. It includes the DELF B2 Tout Public level required by the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District and Memorial University’s Faculty of Education. The exam will take place in Science 4030 Memorial University, St. John’s campus and in AS364 on Grenfell campus.
The DELF Centre of Memorial University will also endeavor to accommodate candidates in various locations across the province. The required 1:00 pm arrival time is for a 1:30 pm start time. Candidates cannot be admitted late.
Candidates who wish to arrange for a C level examination should contact Susan Forward at: sforward@mun.ca

Monday June 5th 2017                       A1 Tout Public 1:00 pm         (Test time is an hour and 20 minutes)
Tuesday June 6th 2017                       A2 Tout Public           1:00 pm          (Test time is an hour and 45 minutes)
Wednesday June 7th 2017                 B1 Tout Public           1:00 pm          (Test time is two hours and 30 minutes) 
Thursday June 8th 2017                     B2 Tout Public 1:30 pm         (Test time is one hour and 40 minutes) 
The oral production section of the exams will be scheduled in consultation with the candidates.
The costs of the exams are as follows:  A1 and A2 $100.00             B1 and B2   $175.00.


MUN Mentors Program - Mentee Application Fall 2017
September 01, 2017to December 31, 2017
Are you interested in getting the help of a Mentor?
Be a Mentee!
Join MUN Mentors. As part of MUN Mentors, new international students are matched with senior students already attending Memorial University.

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